Management Principles
-For the Baseball- Baseball Communication's vision is to contribute to the bright society that people in the world who are looking for a broad range of baseball activities, such as camps, lessons, showcase / tryout, and cultural exchange in Japan. We provide players, parents, coaches, and fans with year round guidance and information so that they all can benefit from Baseball Communication's longstanding relationships in the baseball society.

Corporate Philosophy
■ Contribute to the society that people in the world coming
     through Baseball
■ Act as a bridge and bring people who love Baseball, their
     cultures and hearts close together across from the world
■ Strengthen and create innovate values the benefits of our
     clients through superior service


Corporate Profile  
Office 1-14-6-3F Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo, JAPAN 104-0061
TEL   +81-3-6228-6760
FAX   +81-3-6228-6761
Date of Foundation 08/09/2007
President C.E.O Atsushi Yasuda
Licensed association Japan Association of Travel Agents (Registered in Tokyo No.3-6125)
・American Collegiate Scholarship Association
・IMG Baseball Academy
Principal Purpose ・Designing and arranging baseball tryout and showcase event all over the world
・Designing and placing into baseball program in North American colleges
・Designing and placing into sport training program in North American colleges
・Designing and placing into sport management program in North American colleges 
・Designing and operating baseball camps in Japan
・Designing and operating baseball clinics and lessons in Japan
・Designing and operating pro-league tryout in Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)
・Designing and operating baseball seminar and symposium in Japan etc.


What we do


Sightseeing in Japan (Baseball Tourism)
The various kinds of baseball scenes you can enjoy at your visit to Japan. For instance, Tokyo Dome – The home of Tokyo Giants- is the most exciting baseball stadium in Japan, and Koshien Stadium is known for hosting the annual National High School Baseball Championship.
  Global Exchange


Invitational baseball Tournament in Japan
Most of the teams in Japan play throughout a year, so it is always available to arrange the invitational tournament at any level from T-ball to professional league.


Athlete Management
Through our broad network in baseball, we assist the players to place high school, college, and even professional teams all over the world. We also help the players to overcome the barrier that they may experience in new environments so that they can focus on playing what they do and show their best ability and skills as possible.


Baseball Experience in Japan
No matter what level or how old you are, and solo player or group of players, we find you the best playing atmosphere to experience the world top-class skills.


Baseball Lesson
We offer a variety type of baseball lessons, such as one-on-one, group, or team by professionally qualified instructors who had experienced in the Major League Baseball or Japanese Professional Baseball league.


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